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The causative agent (the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria) in Lyme disease is found
in mosquitoes, horse flies and deer flies. Whether it transfers to humans and pets
is unkown at this time. They never did any studies on it.

Read the report here:


(take note of the date it was published.)

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Tick and Rash Pictures

Some people never get a rash and they
don't even know they have been bitten.

sjmosquitodotorg.jpgInternational Lyme And Associated Diseases Society 

 website states:

"Fewer than 50% of patients with Lyme disease recall any rash. Although the erythema migrans (EM) or “bull’s-eye” rash is considered classic, it is not the most common dermatologic manifestation of early-localized Lyme infection. Atypical forms of this rash are seen far more commonly. It is important to know that the EM rash is pathognomonic of Lyme disease and requires no further verification prior to starting an appropriate course of antibiotic therapy."

Dr. Ed Masters

Click the image to see a study comparing rashes!

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Photo Courtesy of San Joaquin Mosquito & Vector Control District, CA
to see more tick pictures

IFA (1:40) stain of AA Tick from the Masters Tree Farm
Courtsey of Dr. Edwin Masters

How to see B. Burgdorferi spirochetes in your own blood!




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